Editorial Board Members


  1. Dr. Ally-Khan Somani, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, Indiana University, USA
  2. Dr. Mario Vaccaro, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology and Venereology, University of Messina, Italy
  3. Dr. Stephen Chu-Sung Hu, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology, College of Medicine, Kaohsiung Medical University
  4. Dr. Arash Taheri, Departments of Internal Medicine, Wake Forest School of Medicine, USA
  5. Dr. Cantisani Carmen, Dermatologist, Department of Dermatology Umberto I Hospital, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy
  6. Prof. Liangdan Sun, Professor, Department of Dermatology, Anhui Medical University


Section Editors

  1. Dr. Kan Wu, Institute of Dermatology, Peking Union Medical College